What team are you on? Are you diehard romantic, fresh and fun, or calm and collected? Now is your time to decide. Each team has its own caption including the team leader, team picture and a quick description. Email me the name of your favorite team at justine.kitties@gmail.com and I'll post it on this website. At the end of the year, I will calculate the number of votes per team and see who wins!

Want to add another team? Email me the team name, team picture and team description at justine.kitties@gmail.com

Team Young Laura 

Witty, fun, and always daring, with just a bit of sassy.

Team Laura Ingalls

Anyone could understand that all this teenager wants is independence!

Team Nellie and Percival

Quite the unusual couple. Nellie is taller-and possibly older than her husband, who also happens to be Jewish, while Nellie is Christian (very uncommon at the time).

Team Wilder

A young couple, looking to make their mark. Very awkward at times, but still loving, caring and joyful the whole way.

Team Carrie and Grace

Everyone wonders what would happen if only cute people ruled the world!

Team Mary

Cool, calm, collected, and always a good student, Mary really was the voice of reason from the start.

Team Ingalls

Calm and patient and god-fearing, this couple knows all there is to know about parenting. 

Team Edwards

The ultimate comedian, but also warm and caring.


Team Young Laura-10 votes

Team Laura Ingalls-9 votes

Team Nellie and Percival-12 votes   MOST VOTES!

Team Wilder-9 votes

Team Carrie and Grace-8 votes

Team Mary-11 votes

Team Ingalls-9 votes

Team Edwards-7 votes

Vote now!

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