Have you ever wondered if you were more like Mary or Laura, or if you really knew all you said you knew about Little House? Time to find out! I created this page so you could have fun quizzing yourself and your friends. Enjoy!

1. Are you more like Albert, Laura or Mary? Take this quiz to find out!

1.    The mean girl at school sais something bad about you.           a.     You think of a reasonable way to punish her

b.     You say something mean right back! Nobody bosses you around.

c.     You think of a way to scare her to death.

2.    If your sibling had a fight with your parents and ran ways, you would…

a.     Carefully analyze the situation and figure out a way to find him/her.

b.    Run outside and start calling out your sibling’s name.

c.     Think before you act. Where would you have gone if you ran away?

3.   Your friend is going somewhere dangerous without his/her parent’s permission. He tries to get you to promise not to tell. You…

     a.   Halfheartedly agree, but then tell his parents anyways.    What if he gets hurt?            

     b.  Say you won’t tell, unless you find out he/she’s in danger.

     c.   Say you won’t tell no matter what!


Mostly As-You are most like Mary. Mary always finds time to sit down and think, and never does things in haste. 

Mostly Bs- You are most like Laura. Laura often get carried away, but she can still have the ability to sit down and think.

Mostly Cs-You are most like Albert. Albert, like Laura, can get carried away, but he is aways very loyal and honest.

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